Padmasambhava Project for World Peace
Directly countering negativity in the current age.

"Whoever has faith in Padmasambhava should do their utmost to create and spread images of Him."
Ven. Khenpo Namdrol Rinpoche

at the opening of


Namdroling Monastery,
Mysore, India

Tsogdrug Rangdrol said, "Meditate upon the Lord of Compassion, Avalokiteshvara, who is the special deity for the Tibetan people. The essence of all the dharma is the Mani. Fortunate ones recite it at all times. In the country of snow peaks, Tibet, Urgyen Padma is the great guru. His kindness and blessings are more efficient than other deities. Supplicate him, you fortunate ones."

At the time of the First and Second World Wars, although wars and conquests occurred in many parts of the outside world, in the snowy mountainous land of Tibet the root of the religious and political government and the sun of peace and happiness did not deteriorate. After that, however, the virtuous aspect of the people of the snowy land gradually diminished, and the demons born from broken samayas and the demons that harm peace and the teachings entered into their mindstream. The teaching was solely upheld through attachment and hatred. For that reason the freedom of religion and politics was lost to others.

Unthinkable suffering of famine, fighting and torture took place, like the hell realm being displayed on the face of the earth. Nevertheless, as the Omniscient Mipham Rinpoche said, "No matter how dark the deteriorating time becomes, Guru Rinpoche's activities will grow like the rays of the waxing moon. The teachings of the essence of Secret Mantra will prevail throughout the ten directions." Jigme Lingpa said, "The Tibetan people who know how to think are faithful to you and those who do not know how to think revolt even against their parents. Your kindness is beyond being either far or near. That is why we supplicate to remind you of your commitment."

Accordingly, His Holiness the Dalai Lama was able to reach India, and his activities for the benefit of the dharma and beings has expanded like the vastness of space. He was offered the title of the Nobel Peace Prize, an honor unheard of during the time of his predecessors. Because of this honor, the fame and blessings of the Dalai Lama has spread throughout the world like the sun and the moon. All of this is the explicit sign of the ripening of the commitment made by Guru Rinpoche not to ever abandon the Tibetan people.

Keeping this in mind, Khyabgye Penor Rinpoche built the temple of Zandog Palri. Khyabgye Penor Rinpoche is someone who would not hesitate to give his life for the sake of the dharma and beings. He is the unknown friend of all beings.

View the video of Khenpo Namdrol's address at Zandog Palri.